Thanks for reading Alchemy, Art, and the Writing Life! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. I know the melange of feelings well—I want to write, I’m not sure how to get writing into my regular (already crammed life), I’m not sure what I’m doing is any…
what's happening right now might be the key to your book
if you have time to question whether you're a writer or not, you aren't tapping into the creative tap
Can you describe the writing feeling? I'll go first...
be kind when you speak of pages written in the early days of duress
you won't keep it all, and that's okay...lessons from Loving Large
writing is an art, it doesn't have to BE any more than that
I’m on a call with my client M. We are talking about things they could do to enhance the manuscript we are working on. “I’d like you to consider, but…
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Alchemy, Art, and the Writing Life